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James: Hero Quest Card Creator

Hey, I couldn't think of a better place to put this.  The card creator is great, but it has one problem.  For the North American Monster Cards, when you try to put in a movement speed of 10 or higher it won't fit and will only show the 1st digit.  It's a visible width problem or something.  Would be a great to have a patch.

Other than that it is great, and I don't know if you'll see this, or if the program is even on your radar anymore.  Thanks, regardless.

Martedì, 11 Giugno 2019
Cleps: Grazie Francesco

Volevo ringraziere personalmente Francesco per la donazione ricevuta... veramente troppo troppo!!! un regalo inaspettato che mi carica a bestia per continuare i vari progetti in corso...

Piccola News: sono alla settima quest de "La rocca di kellar" per HQFC

Avanti tutta!!!

Mercoledì, 11 Luglio 2018
ClepsGames: RE: Sidorion: HEROQUEST Card-Creator

Hi Sidorion,
i see your request and... in the next version (for all lenguage) i will add:
- export function for front- or backside only
- hidden text description for have a bigger pictures on the card front

i answer in your forum "hq-cooperation" wink

I think that the next release will be out to 20days


Lunedì, 05 Febbraio 2018
Sidorion: HEROQUEST Card-Creator

Hello, nice work!

Is it possible to add an export function for front- or backside only? I'd like to have my cards printed online and they want the two sides seperately.

Also it would be cool if I could choose the size (and dpi) of the exported picture.

And last but not least could you make the text box below the picture sizeable? I'm working on a version of HQ without a Morcar player (for the HQ modular version) and need bigger pictures on the card front for the random dungeon generation to display the next room including monster.

Martedì, 30 Gennaio 2018 HEROQUEST Card-Creator

E' finalmente disponibile gratuitamente nell'area download la nuova app per creare nuove carte del gioco Heroquest!!!

Sabato, 30 Dicembre 2017
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